SSInverter/SSI800:Powerful and quality inverter for all applications

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SSInverter/SSI80 : For general applications

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SSInverter Dynamic brake unit Unique - powerful

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About Sepehr Sanat Co.

the company concentrates on electricity and industrial automation , with the main aim of upgrading the level of knowledge and updating the various industries of the country with a team of qualified professionals .

Our Values

our customers , who constantly communicate with each other and continually use our products , are our main values .

Our vision and goals

We are looking for a quality, standard, and efficient product by understanding the general needs of industry.

SSInverterSepehr Sanat Inverter


because of the efficiency and good quality of parts and software, SSInverter has been able to attract the attention of users.


Made from the best parts


Suitable for all applications


SSInverter inverter provide an effective and efficient offer with a highly robust resume to all sectors of industry, including:

Crane -types of mills - mixer- Pump- Fan- Press- Elevator – escalator – elevator...



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